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Home Consultations

A visit from one of our vets in the convenience of your own home will make both you and your pet feel more comfortable and relaxed. No more wrestling cats into baskets or pretending to take your dog for a walk only to end up at the vets!​

We cover the whole of the Isle of Wight and can arrange either morning appointments between 9.00am and 1.00pm or afternoon appointments between 1.00pm and 5.00pm. Unfortunately, we can not narrow visit times down further due to unscheduled emergencies, travelling time between appointments and unpredictable traffic conditions on the day.

Important Update:

Operating with fewer vets has left us with no option but to temporarily suspend our home visit service. Just as soon as we have recruited more vets, we’ll be able to fully reinstate this valuable service. In the meantime, our reception team will do their utmost to provide a home visit where at all possible.

Home Euthanasia

We are here to help at this difficult time and are available all hours when you feel it is necessary to say goodbye.​

Home euthanasia can help to achieve a peaceful passing in the comfort of their familiar environment, whether that be their favourite chair, by the fireplace or garden.

We will look after the care of your pet's body as you wish and can discuss the options with you for either an individual or communal cremation.

The many benefits of home euthanasia include:​​

  • A calm, peaceful and familiar environment (no stressful drive or wait in a clinic)
  • All friends and family can be present to say goodbye
  • The privacy to grieve at home
  • The procedure can be performed at your pet’s favourite area (this may be the garden or a favourite sofa)​

For highly stressed animals, sedation may be required prior to performing euthanasia.

Mobile Surgery

Our Mobile Surgery van brings the clinic to your doorstep! ​

With access to an anaesthetic machine, dental facilities, monitoring equipment and essentials we can offer various procedures in the proximity of your own home. 

Benefits of this can include:​

  • Avoiding potentially stressful travel for your pet
  • Proximity of your homestead for recovering your pet after appropriate routine surgeries/dental work performed in the vehicle
  • Peace of mind during your pet’s procedure​

Please contact reception to discuss availability.

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