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The Mobile Vet

Gold Standard Veterinary Care At Your Doorstep


Despite working tirelessly to resolve our current shortage of veterinary surgeons, we will have no regular vets available to provide treatment on many days and will have no option but to temporarily suspend some clinical services, including: 

  • Home visit service - suspended until further notice. 
  • Annual vaccinations – limited appointments available.
  • Routine surgery – limited appointments available every Thursday. 
  • Routine consultations – limited appointments available.

At this time, animal welfare and care remains our top priority.  We are able to continue providing the following services

  • Online- Video consultations with a vet previously part of The Mobile Vet team.  
  • Online- Video consultations with VetsNow - 8am to 11pm 7 days per week.  
  • Repeat prescriptions including flea & worm treatments* (provided you have been seen within a reasonable time by our vets)  
  • Nurse clinics: nail clips, express anal glands, weight clinics, senior pet clinics, microchipping. 
  • Dental care checks and advice. 
  • Nutritional clinics & advice. 

We have never found ourselves in this dire situation since the practice was first established in 2013 and hope to rectify the situation quickly as we move out of covid restrictions.  

We have had success in recruiting some wonderful new vets who will be joining us soon, all going well, and I will continue our intensive recruitment campaign to recruit further vets, but I ask for your patience and support while we look to deliver this as soon as possible. 

We have notified the other veterinary practices on the island so they are aware of our short-term situation and they will be more than happy to give telephone advice and provide any treatment.

Please be patient and understanding to all our team whilst we try to navigate through this incredibly difficult period. 

Thank you