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Pet Fit Club

Did you know that 59% of dogs and 39% of cats in the UK are overweight?​

Being overweight increases the risks of them developing diabetes, heart and liver disease, tumours, arthritis and respiratory problems.

If you think that your pet may benefit from losing some excess pounds or would like for their weight to be assessed, why not join the Pet Fit Club?

Included in the Pet Fit Club:​

  • Half an hour initial assessment nurse consultation
  • Diet advice, introduction to formulated weight loss diets available at the clinic
  • Advice on healthy treats and alternatives
  • Exercise routine discussion/formulation
  • 5 follow-up nurse consults to monitor progress

To join or to find out more information please contact our reception on 01983 212999

Preventative Health Care

We truly believe that prevention is key when it comes to many easily avoidable diseases/illnesses.

A good approach to regular preventative care for your beloved companions is maintaining up-to-date cover against potentially fatal viruses (through vaccination), external and internal parasites (which in some cases can be deadly) and dental healthcare. 

Our team of knowledgeable staff can help to answer any of your queries and advise how to easily keep your pets as healthy as possible. ​


We comply with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons guidelines regarding the dispensing of medicines, therefore we can only provide repeat prescriptions to animals ‘under our care’.​

The general policy of this practice is to re-assess an animal requiring repeat prescriptions every three months, but this may vary with individual circumstances. The standard consultation fee applies. General health checks should be carried out every 6 months (or sooner if requested) and flea/worm checks every 12 months.

This is in the interest of your animal’s health and is a legal requirement. ​​

Repeat Prescriptions

Our repeat prescription service ensures your pet receives their ongoing medications on time. It is important to allow us time to process your pet’s prescription, therefore allowing at-least 48 hours for medications to be arranged is recommended. 

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