A Lucky Escape!

Harvey a Newfoundland cross Poodle has undergone complex surgery of the chest at The Mobile Vet, to remove a kebab stick which was lodged within the lungs. The stick had been swallowed by the friendly giant 18 months prior to investigations. 

A CT scan performed at the Mobile Vet, Isle of Wight revealed the culprit of the dog’s recent development of coughing up blood.  This highly sensitive imaging mode showed the skewer quite evidently as can be seen in the image.  “The use of the CT scanner aided a prompt and clear diagnosis” John Knight (Clinical Director).

Maliha Chowdhury (Head Surgeon) performed the operation alongside Daniel Forster (Founder/Director of The Mobile Vet) and a team of experienced veterinary nurses (Catherine Chalkey, Claire Shorkey, Danielle Shepherd and Lauren Wheeler). 

The surgery was high risk and required advanced surgical skills and anaesthetic monitoring. “I am so pleased that the operation went well and that Harvey could be diagnosed and treated in-house” Maliha Chowdhury. The procedure required careful nurse monitoring and mechanical breathing for Harvey as the lungs were operated on. The nurses were fantastic and kept everything running smoothly. “Harvey’s case was a challenge for all of us and we are so happy that he is doing well” Catherine Chalkey.  With the efforts of the entire team, vigilant intensive overnight monitoring by a vet and the ongoing care of the owners we are pleased to say that Harvey has made a remarkable recovery.

Due to the costs of the complex surgery required and the advanced imaging (CT scan) his owners are very grateful to both the supporters of Friends of the Animals whose generosity make the treatment possible and the Mobile Vet who, in these exceptional circumstances, have given a discount to Friends of the Animals.

Helen Sinclair at Friends of the Animals reports "It is great to have an island Vet who can take on complex surgery, negating the need to  travel to the mainland. So, thank you again for the spectacular job you did."  

 “We are proud to offer a dedicated team and state of the art diagnostics which have all contributed to Harvey’s treatment on the Island” Dan Forster.

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